Working remotely with Sian Simpson from Kiwi Landing Pad.

Sian Simpson for Girl Power Pod

Fostering leadership with Cecilia Robinson from My Food Bag.

Cecilia Robinson for Girl Power Pod

The power of women with Delwyn Stuart.

Delwyn Stuart for Girl Power Pod

Surround yourself with the right people with Dale Clareburt.

Dale Clareburt for Girl Power Pod

Travelling for a living and workflow mastery with Danelle Bohane.

Danelle Bohane for Girl Power Pod

Entrepreneurship and work-life balance with Ezel Kokcu.

Ezel Kokcu for Girl Power Pod

Responsible leadership with Jennifer Clamp from Techweek NZ.

Jennifer Clamp for Girl Power Pod

What is Girl Power Pod?

Girl Power Pod aims to inspire and motivate women to feel empowered to pursue their dreams. When I was growing up my dad told me that girls can do anything, and this is something I wish every woman could hear today. I believe that the inner desire to create change, and the external need for change, are linked - yet many of us feel helpless because we are so entangled in the current systems and structures. I feel that hearing real, inspiring stories from people who are questioning the way we live life, and who have made (or are in the process of making) this transition, is what's needed to help guide other women on their journeys.

Susanne Axelsson, Founder of Girl Power Pod